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How are some drive ins successful? And how are others unsuccessful? What are the driving points? What did they do right and what did they do wrong?

For any restaurant, business, establishment, this is important to understand. From history we can learn how to not make the same mistakes as others have made in the past to be successful in the future.

Key Points for Drive InS

Convenience and Accessibility

They need to be convenient for customers. This means a good location for anyone passing by on the road. 

It also means the customer should be able to come in and out of the drive in easily, smoothly, and quickly.


What is the experience that you are providing to the customers? They should have a pleasant, fun, and satisfying experience so that they will have the desire to return for many more experiences in the future. Also, they will tell their family, friends, relatives, neighbors, anyone you name it. The referrals will bring in more business.


This should be a fun but safe experience for anyone. This is crucial key point for everyone’s well being as well as avoiding any law suits and legal troubles. That will create even more headaches to have to deal with.


How does the place look from the outside? Does it attract people who are driving past? Does it make them stop and turn around to see what it is all about? Having a visually appealing property will help people be attracted to the drive in.



Know what kind of drive in you are offering. What is special about it? What is different from the rest of the drive ins? Are you offering a certain cuisine? Are you offering an exciting experience? How would you stand out from the rest?

Landscape – The property should be properly be landscaped. Depending on your land it could mean different things. If there is a lawn, it should regularly be mowed. If there are bushes, trees, or flowers, they should properly be taken care of and trimmed. Anything can be a liability so it’s best to keep continuous maintenance so that not only does the drive in look presentable but it is also a safe area for people to enter in without having the possibility of becoming injured. There are many landscaping companies who charge a low fee to complete simple landscaping so you don’t have to do it yourself or hire anyone else to do it. It leaves things to the professionals who know how to handle the job.

Fence- What many people don’t realize is that a fence not only keeps people out of your property but also your pets and children in. It gives a sense of safety. What others don’t realize is that fences are not just for residential homes, but also are crucial for commercial properties (businesses, establishments). A fence properly secures your commercial property. It gives everyone a peace of mind while adding in its aesthetics. This will be able to separate and make clear dividers between the drive in property and outside property. In case of any damage, or liability legal issues, a fence will provide clear distinction to where the owned property begins and ends.

A fence protects your property from intruders whether they be human, wildlife or pets. There are many different fences to choose from, each one more appealing than the next.
Because of this, there are so many options available such as: picket fences, lattice fences, privacy fences, chain-link and wood fences. Some have a standard picket design while others have an alternating design. A strong fence is desirable. There are many different types of fences, but the best quality will be more expensive, naturally. This is because the material will be more solid and made to last longer than the cheaper product. There are a number of fence styles to choose from, including panels and pickets. Taller fences offer better privacy and security, so that is something else to consider when looking for a fence. Wood fence – If you want a classic and natural fence, then you should choose wood. This is a more expensive option, but it has a lot of positive qualities. The biggest advantage is that it adds an aesthetic value to your house. It will also protect your surroundings from the harsh weather conditions and keep the inside of the building cozy and warm in winter. This type of fence is more difficult to maintain, so you need special paints or coatings, especially if you want to preserve its natural look.
Metal fence – This modern type of fence is perfect for people looking for quality and affordability at the same time. Metal is known as one of the strongest materials, which means that they are long lasting. They can withstand all kinds of weather.

There are numerous fence contractors located in the South like Macon GA who would be able to complete your fence project. Make sure they are licensed and insured. Also make sure that whatever project you complete with them will be adhering to the guidelines in your state/county/town to avoid any penalties.